It’s been a while but we still have more Words of Wisdom artworks to share with you. Today’s come from poet Lisa Parhad, aka Luxx…enjoy!

Describe a bit about yourself and your work?
Predominantly I’m a poet and always have been. I work to the beat of the spoken word and it’s all observational, using different characters and different voices.

What are your words of wisdom and why?
“we are the all-encompassing unexplainable” because the evening I realised that truth I felt such a huge amount of relief. The fact that we’re all just one big energy form, we’re inseparable and beyond explanation. We are everything but we’re nothing that can be fathomed.

Who is your role-model?
Patti Smith, and Cleopatra. For different reasons. Patti Smith for her work and the way she brought poetry to the forefront of rock and roll without having to disguise it as something else, she was very much like “this is poetry, and hey, it’s cool too so I’m not going to pretend it’s not.” Cleopatra because of her intelligence and beauty and the way those elements came hand in hand to her. I’m fascinated by the history of Cleopatra. In my deepest states of narcissism I think about the fact that I could have been her in a past life.

Upcoming projects?
I’m working with my collective, Prowl, to create a platform where we can launch our books, poetry and my magazine. It will become a publishing house where the platform will also be available to other artists. Prowl started with myself and the great novelist Marco Zaffino; we share dark and surreal aesthetics, that are sexy and philosophical all at the same time. I’m also working on a music project which is very exciting, mainly loads of spoken word, and DIY sounds.

The Prowl website is yet to be launched officially so until then follow me on twitter for updates @luxx_/

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